Sunday, March 31, 2013

March and I

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb

Hai, April...
It's been long time since my last post, and I miss this blog badly. Many things happened, sad and happy, tears and laughter. It's like I owe you a bunch of stories my dear blog and now I'd like to pay it in full. Here the stories go...

One time in the last unforgettable March, my friend, Ibu Rizka had had her final thesis examination. I was and (am) really proud of her. She inspired me somehow to finish my own thesis. Thanks God, it's almost done. We celebrated it by having dinner together and going to karaoke. It was totally fun night.

Dinner at Solo Square before going to Karaoke

Singing in Inul Vista

K Rahma, Indah, Nytha, Mb Eka, Me, Lili, and BU Rizka...

Days latter, Ibu Riz, inviited me and K Rahma to enjoy the night at Galabo Solo.  It's one of best culinary spots in Solo. That time, we had new friend, named Irvan, who was (is) Ibu Rizka's intend son in law,,heheheh. he's very kind young boy. In our conversation he quoted what Pak Habibie said in Assalam's event this day. It was about finding our true soul mate and how to synergize our self with our couple. Hm.. what a topic,, hehehe

Left to right: Irvan, Bu Riz, me, and K Rahma @Gallabo Solo, Ian was taking the pic.

On This late Saturday, we continued our adventure in Jogjakarta. We visited Vredeburg Castle, and traced back Ibu Rizka's Senior high' days in KH. Ahmad Dahlan avenue, dropped by in KPU Muhammadiyah Jogja. We decided to take a rest while doing karaoke in Ibu Ana's house, and then continued to hang out, exploring the beauty of Jogja until very late, after having dinner in Raminten.. :P. In the next morning, we went to window shopping in SunMor, then continued to Depok Parang Tritis Beach. Not to mention the greatest fun we had. Irvan was bullied during the trip,, hehehhe

Blue sea, blue skies, me...

Irvan n K Rahma

Watching the waves dancing and the blue sky above the sea was really something to me. Depok Parang Tritis Beach definitely has nice view. Staring the horizon, enjoying the gentle breeze leaded my mind to you. I Miss you, I really do. I kept wondering what you was doing at that time. Yeahh, I miss you, badly....

#Pictures in Jogja are still in Ibu Rizka's camera... I will post it soon.. ^^

Friday, March 08, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

I do believe that we can't always see things just in black and white. Some things never mean to be so damn simple. Especially when it's deal with feeling. Woman feeling. I hope you get it right. Like no all questions have answer. Just let it be, just let it flow. May be what you have to do is trying to put yourself on my shoes. Don't you notice, here I have my own battle to fight? Spare me with all of your sh*t theories, and I won't care. I've been so tired. It so hurt like hell.

*I don't know if you'll read this, but if you do, yeahh... I write this for you!